Foreclosure - Short Sale - Listing Alert Feature.

sample imageSimply Complete your Name & Email Address and information in the field below and we will set you up to be notified automatically whenever a new Short Sale or Foreclosure is posted to our local MLS System matching the criteria you have selected.

If you are only looking for a current list of foreclosures, click here.

Being prequalified is required if you are looking at making an offer any short sales or foreclosures. Be pre-qualified not only increases your negotiating power when making offers, it also makes sure you are looking at homes in the correct price range. Also many of these foreclosures sell quickly and their will not be time to get prequalified for a home loan after you find the house you like.

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Foreclosure vs Short Sale?

Foreclosure means the bank is the owner of the property. They have completed the foreclosure process and have listed the property for sale at a specific price. Closing typically in 30-45 days.

Short Sale means the bank is left "short" on the balance of the note due when the property sells. The owner is still the original owner - borrower, and their bank must approve the contract sale terms and price. Closings can take time for bank to review file for approval. Closings typically in 60-90-120 days.

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